Introduction and History

The former name of our town is Darahini and it means Fountain with Trees. Accordig to what is said, the fountain was named after a sultan of the time, Dara. The name Dara was incorporated with Hini which means fountain and is in usage until today. After the Otlukbeli Battle in 1473, Genç county was tied to neighbor cities under the rule of Otoman Empire. In 1881, it was tied to Bitlis, between 1924-1927 it became city centre, between 1927-1936 it was tied to Elazığ, and when Bingöl became a city in 1936, it was tied to Bingöl. The county is circulated by Bingöl in the North, by Solhan in the east , by Diyarbakır Kulp-Lice-Hani in the north, and by Elazığ Arıcak- Palu in the west. The total border lenght of the county is 194 km, and the height from sea level is 1125 m. There are two different tombs near Sürekli (Diyarbug) Village in the east of the county and near Çaytepe there are DARAHENİ(daughter of the king) castle remnants. One of the tombs known as Kuba among people is open forehead.
The outstanding natural places are Murat River Valley, Çötele (Çotla) Mountain and plateues and pine groves.
Genç Vocational Highschool was founded on 27/08/2009 by Higher Education Institution in such a natural beauty of Bingöl.