Schools of Foreign Languages in Turkey are set up to cater for all sorts of foreign language needs at universities. Currently there are two main areas they serve in. One is to offer foreign language education (compulsory for two semesters) to students enrolled at the university (for instance, a student of engineering). The other is to conduct a yearlong intensive English Preparatory Program for students who are not proficient and whose medium of learning in their department is partially or completely English. Majority of students studying in the Prep are English Language and Literature students. Minority includes students who want to learn English even though they are not required to use English in their undergraduate programs. The scheme is called English on Demand, free of charge, which accepts students on a quota basis from the faculties.

School of Foreign Languages in Bingol University was established on 15.04.2011 with the decree (No. 1595) of Government Board of Ministers. At the same date Prof. Mehmet Celik was appointed as the founding director of the school. Prior to the foundation of the school, Department of Foreign Languages under the auspices of the Rector’s Office had conducted the compulsory language education with eight instructors. They were eventually transferred to the School to continue their work. With fresh hiring, the number of staff increased to twelve while the number of Arabic instructors became two. 

The extensive travel and transportation throughout the world mandate a purpose-driven contact and effective communication. Beyond the personal, cognitive and social satisfaction, the development level of countries and the welfare they are to provide to the public correlate directly with the personal qualifications and capabilities of each citizen to conduct their professions efficiently. One of these capabilities is to master a lingua franca and use it successfully. Our mission is to ensure that our graduates leave the university with this capability.

Our vision is to carry out foreign language education in the light of knowledge and experience in consideration of students’ vocational and personal needs. While putting in place a language education that is both lasting and utilizable, the development of students’ mental faculties as well as dynamic and friendly learning atmosphere are not to be ignored. Further, the vision is teach the student in the shortest possible time-frame and enable him to use it competitively in his career. None the less importantly, one objective is to trial more effective and different teaching methods and improve as well as develop new methods.