Vision and Mission

Institutes are units which train academic staff of the universities. The value granted to the institutes, the materials obtained and the oppurtunities will affect the scientific levels of the academics. Graduate education is also necessary for those who are outside the scope of the universities. The academic levels of the universities are assessed by the capacity and scientific activities of the institutes. With this awareness, Our graduate programs and quotas which will be increased will carry out scientific studies in regional, national and international levels heavily. Our mission is to carry out our activities which will present solutions to the problems and apply them, and which will help producing science in our university by means of the cooperation of university-public-private institutions together with AR-GE(research-progress) activities, and by carrying out graduate programmes with local-regional-national-international projects which can be applied in order to increase the scientific and technological capacity of our country.

Our vision is to be a known institution which will have included scientific technology to the education process , transform the culture to scientific stance, achieve international integration in five years. Our goal is to increase the number of the students together with non-thesis master's programme students by including new graduate and doctorate programmes in all departments of the institute in five years.

Basic Principles;
• Act according to scientific morality in all of our activities,
• Adopt investigative and a critical approach,
• Produce social benefits,
• Depend on clearity and accountability,
• Constant improvement,
• Depend on equality of opportunity and justice principle .