Mechanical Engineering

Makine Muhendisligi Bolumu 1

1. Mission

By giving Professional and graduate education, to train up and guide Mechanical Engineers with Bachelor’s and/or Doctorate Degree, who are creative enough to parcipate manufacturing, application and Research Development studies in industrial enterprises and research institutes successfully; have a systematic point of view at solving problems, are suitable for team works, environmentally – conscious, social, having economical and Professional ethic consciousness and responsibility, owning leading characteristics; and making researches providing information and technology development at international level form our mission. 

2. Vision

Our vison is to be an internationally known department which gives an education at international level, targets to achieve scientific information and to develop tecnology, contributes to the development of economy and society standards.

3. The Aim of  the Educational Programes

Educational objective of mechanical engineering program is to have graduates who;

* have a well-built back ground,

* have a abilities needed for taking a professional role in the twenty first century,

* have life-long learning habits,

* are professionally and ethically senstive to the results which may ocur due to the engineering solutions at national and global fields.