Bingol University, established under the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, has been established, by opening multiple departments within a short period of time, the need to rapidly complete the teaching staff. The installation of the Faculty Dean Professor Dr. Said ÇELİK engages STEEL. There are 15 department of Faculty; Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Sociology, History, Turkish Language and Literature, Philosophy, Psychology, English Language and Literature, Geography, Eastern Languages and Literature, Statistics, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Social Service. Training in the education of departments Biology, Philosophy, Physics, English Language and Literature, Chemistry, Mathematics, Sociology, History, Turkish Language and Literature students have started taking.
Faculty 3 professors, 10 associate professor, 31 assistant professors, 77 research assistants serving a total of 121 teaching element.


In general, who share common values of humanity, and moral values, respect for human rights, social relationships, the direction is strong, has adopted the principles of a democratic, tolerant, unbiased assessments across different cultures and values can be done, uncover, research, and contribute to regional cultural values, knowledge and experience of the country and to educate individuals who accepted to share with humanity. In particular, the Science and Social Studies in the field of science and the functioning of the principles of the concept, have the power to analyze events through analysis and synthesis, it can establish a connection between the sciences and other areas of life; eleştirebilen, skills and motivation to strengthen, the ever-changing world of scientific understanding, questioning, equipped with modern and practical information, research and advanced problem-solving ability, cultural background and communication skills around the structure can lead to train individuals.


Local, national and international solutions to the problems of a modern education and carry out research activities, scientific research, quality education and extension activities as an example of national and universal size, region, nation and world to work for the benefit of the people.